General and Premises Liability


Our philosophy is that zealous advocacy and quality representation need not be divorced from common sense and cost efficiency. It is this philosophy that has fostered long term relationship with our clients. But regardless of whether the client is new or established, large or small, it is always our goal to defend claims with thoughtful and innovative methods, focusing on cost efficient resolution of each claim.

We have a vast amount of experience in representing a wide range of general liability concerns for, among others, government entities, landowners, management companies, manufacturers, national retailers, and supermarkets, in lawsuits alleging general negligence claims. This includes cases involving construction defects, premises liability, professional liability, and personal injury claims.

We have considerable experience in defending against claims of unsafe conditions, failure to exercise reasonable care, and other claims of general negligence. Through our knowledge of the rules of litigation and our understanding of the applicable affirmative defenses, we are able to discover and exploit the weaknesses in our adversaries case so as to achieve the best possible results for our clients. With regard to general premises liability, our belief is that many of such cases that involve injuries arising not only from the condition of the property itself, but also from dangerous or nearby criminal activity, can and should be won at the law and motion stage of litigation, preferably a motion for summary judgment. Clinton & Clinton has much success in motions for summary judgment by focusing on such defenses as waiver and release, assumption of the risk, lack of causation and lack of duty of care.

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